Time Out Sunday


Many Mondays are blue, but some are a full on rainbow feast! This Monday I was somewhere between Rome and Termoli having the privilege to ride shotgun. The most magnificent rainbow I had ever seen... just around a corner. I suppose that's what they call the WOW effect. Five days hitting the road in Southern Italy. Those short road trips are like intense power shots (you know, like 'em fancy super food smoothie madness shots they sell at crazy prices at juice bars). So much in such a short time! 

Ps. The rainbow kept following us for a while and yes, there was a moment when we could see small mountain town under a full rainbow arch!  

Ps. Ps. Current state of emotional-religious self-identification: catholic atheist. (What a pretentious conversation opening; goes excellent alongside with death and Adidas tracksuits.) So, here's some wonderful music to go with all the feels. 

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