Time Out Sunday / Sideways


Oh see, I did a similar post same time last year (click here). Nothing much has changed (except many things). I mean - I still love Sideways festival. On top of everything (like quadruple cherries on top) one of my favourite bands - The National - was headlining. It was my third time seeing them live and it was ever so wonderful (despite Matt throwing beer and other drinks at the audience - not cool, bro!). The new album sounds SO good live. Not gonna even mention the old favourites ('cos that's a given, right). I just love all those layers of music! Of course there were also a whole lot of other cool cats on and off stage. The highlight being Young Father (you have to see them live - that energy!).

A man, a drink and a seagull (see photo above; Matt Berninger, The National) - the holy trinity of life in Finland. (Deep and meaningful pause.) However, I was thinking earlier this week (right after the festival, all high on music) that back in the day (early 2000s) we used to write these long gig reviews on fan forums, discuss and comment and write even more. But now it just all bubbles inside me and then 'poof!' it's gone and the show called life goes on. I have some sweet nostalgia regarding those online discussions about bands and music (and life, too). Instagram likes don't seem to cut it.

So being all into "good old times" I ended up rekindling my love for radio. Yes, the technology of using radio waves to carry information. (Wikipedia) I dug out the antenna, attached it to the receiver/amp and here I am - listening to all those radio stations. The track that got stuck could very well be the gateway to starting my jazz record collection... :) The weekend is almost over and I as naively as ever hope to share more photos from Sideways (and other places) very soon. Counting on those rainy days to come. 


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