Time Out Sunday


Hey-hello, my dear blog! Missed me?! (What do you mean you're just a computer thing and have no feelings...) In any case, I have missed you. I have missed sitting down, editing photos and sharing them. Totally. I intend to do so on a more regular basis now that I have "settled down" again. But no promises, a-okay; after all it's springtime here in the North and one should spend extended hours outdoors. Nevertheless, here's a big fat hug to you, my dear virtual existence!

Manhattan, New York, March 2018
So in a nutshell, here's what has been going on. Most importantly, as hinted in the first photo - I am based in Helsinki, Finland now (and I love-loved that girl's backpack, don't you; made waiting at a traffic light a much more inspiring experience). Gonna embrace the Nordic life for a change (like 80 km change). Do remind me that when winter rolls in again and I sink somewhere in between darkness and sleet. And I got internet access in my apartment yesterday, so yay!

Brooklyn, New York, March 2018
Before taking a ferry across the local "pond" I took the plane across the ocean to visit New York. Work and pleasure. That was best part of March. Among other things I learned that there is no pancake super hero in me. I couldn't finish the cinnamon banana pancakes and there were only three of them. And a ton of butter. Mmmmm... I do wish I had taken the leftovers with me. (Err.) Then there was Tallinn Music Week, packing, friends, moving, endings and new beginnings.

Brooklyn, New York, March 2018
A whole lotta stories to tell, a whole lotta stories already forgotten (yay/nay). Photos and emotions. But before I continue there must be time for some sleep, reading (Sally Mann's "Hold Still"!) and tackling a new work week. Unrelated (yet related to the memories and stories part) here comes a new favourite song of mine.

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