Time Out Sunday


Sometimes my inner crafty person comes and I take pride in it. Like totally. Also, I do think that the Schultüte tradition Germans have is brilliant - a big cone filled with candy and school supplies for a kid on his or her first day at school. So perfect for my friend who started two schools this fall (and who is slightly obsessed with Germany :)). Somehow taking photos didn't occur to me before I had tucked all the goodies inside. Also, loving the tiny crystals I added (mind you, I was like a mad person with a hot glue gun)! ;) So, yes, she is studying to become a make-up artist. Clearly it's all about glam! And some paper, printed vintage ads, glue, washi tape, Ikea curtain leftovers and ribbon with a pertinent message from Flying Tiger Copenhagen. 

So here's to September that still marks all the new beginnings round here and not just for school kids. And if there's a need for some for peace of mind (yes, please!) then this read from Brain Pickings is a must!

Last, but not least - one of my favourite albums from a few years back made a heavy come back to my playlist this week. Oh, Caribou!

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