Time Out Sunday


Celebrating imperfection! Believing in serendipity! Some Sundays I am like that, totally. Like on this fine Sunday in July in Brussels. I had recently bought Erik Kessels' book "Failed It!" (I struggle resisting cool looking books, I am easy like that - I just bring them home). And then on that aforementioned fine Sunday in Brussels I walked into Botanique (one of my fave places, just because) and yes, there it was - an exhibition called "Fabulous Failures" curated by the very same Mr. Kessels! Happy chance! Let's dance! (This makes no sense, but I like the rhyming.) Less perfection and more fabulous failures sounds like the way to live or at least it seems more feasible and interesting than clinging to perfection (that doesn't exist in the first place). Appropriately enough here's a blurry photo from the exhibition (jigsaw puzzles by Kent Rogowski).

And after the exhibition I sat on the stairs of Botanique eating smelly cheese and drinking coke. Sundays belong to walks and discovering places. (I try to remind myself that when it's winter and all I wanna do is eat smelly cheese without leaving the comforts of my sofa.)

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