So here I am listening to sad songs by pretty boys. And no, this isn't a post about Han Solo. (Sorrynotsorry?!) This is a post about "Han" - a sculpture by Elmgreen & Dragset in Helsingor, Denmark. If I could I would have a copy of it in my front yard (side note: I would need a front yard first; in case you got all those fancy ideas as Christmas are just around the corner).

There, by the sea in Helsingor watching over Hamlet's castle, reflecting all of its surroundings. And not a tourist in sight! (Well, there was one tired fool with a camera or two. ;)) I would probably go see it on daily basis if I lived in the same town.

I was just that impressed. So impressed that I didn't even feel the need to get a close glimpse of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen (a distant view from a tour boat was just about enough).

So if you go visit Hamlet's home, go say hi to "Han" (or then don't and I can have him all to myself :)).
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