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Brooklyn Bridge Park

Somehow cold weather follows me. But then it also treats me to (almost) solitude in normally crowded places. Under the Brooklyn Bridge I couldn't quite believe that there was almost no-one else there on a weekend morning. Cold winds and a merry-go-round (I wanna go for a ride there one day!). Me dancing to the songs on my iPod. Same story, different angles. March 2015. New York, New York.


Time Out Sunday

It's Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration weekend. This is something so Estonian. Sort of insane. In a very good way. You should totally click on that link and check it out. Some of my earliest childhood memories include being a spectator at the Song and Dance Celebration. This time around I went to see the dancers and am a distant spectator (read: TV, thank you!) for the song celebration. While listening to some impressive choir singing I threw together (quite literally, might I add) couple of books I have enjoyed this spring season.

  • Art as Therapy. A wonderful book that makes one think, think in a curious beautiful way! You don't have to be an art lover, you just have to be curious about life and tadaa - this book is for you! Ps. Also check out The Architecture of Happiness. Equally amazing.
  • The Lonely City. Sometimes I get an odd feeling I like the title of the book more than the book itself. That is probably totally not true, but feelings are what they are. Here's a lovely overview of the book on Brain Pickings.
  • La furia de las imágenes. The Fury of Images. First "real" book I read in Spanish from cover to cover. I would totally recommend it to anyone swimming in the sea of images and taking interest in photography (not the technical side). Discussions about post-photography. The language of pictures is what we speak. 

Totally unrelated - this article on dresses! Marimekko! So cool. Too cool to be embedded, but click here for some new Arcade Fire.