Time Out Sunday


It's Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration weekend. This is something so Estonian. Sort of insane. In a very good way. You should totally click on that link and check it out. Some of my earliest childhood memories include being a spectator at the Song and Dance Celebration. This time around I went to see the dancers and am a distant spectator (read: TV, thank you!) for the song celebration. While listening to some impressive choir singing I threw together (quite literally, might I add) couple of books I have enjoyed this spring season.

  • Art as Therapy. A wonderful book that makes one think, think in a curious beautiful way! You don't have to be an art lover, you just have to be curious about life and tadaa - this book is for you! Ps. Also check out The Architecture of Happiness. Equally amazing.
  • The Lonely City. Sometimes I get an odd feeling I like the title of the book more than the book itself. That is probably totally not true, but feelings are what they are. Here's a lovely overview of the book on Brain Pickings.
  • La furia de las imágenes. The Fury of Images. First "real" book I read in Spanish from cover to cover. I would totally recommend it to anyone swimming in the sea of images and taking interest in photography (not the technical side). Discussions about post-photography. The language of pictures is what we speak. 

Totally unrelated - this article on dresses! Marimekko! So cool. Too cool to be embedded, but click here for some new Arcade Fire.

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