Time Out Sunday


Brooklyn, NY, USA, March 2017
This week I have been updating my virtual presence a bit. I have finally made the "effort" (oh, please) to have www.kaisaphoto.com working again. Plus I have created couple of pages to give a quick overview of what I really like shooting the most: concerts, cityscapes and streets. Such an urbanist I am. (so I will probably post nature photos next ;)) Or to put it more deeply and meaningfully:

Kaisa (Tallinn, Estonia) is an artist who mainly works with photography. By studying sign processes, signification and communication, Kaisa makes work that generates diverse meanings. Associations and meanings collide. Space becomes time and language becomes image.
Her photos are often about contact with architecture and basic living elements. Energy (heat, light, water), space and landscape are examined in less obvious ways and sometimes developed in absurd ways. By taking daily life as subject matter while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of middle class values, she focuses on the idea of ‘public space’ and more specifically on spaces where anyone can do anything at any given moment: the non-private space, the non-privately owned space, space that is economically uninteresting.
Her works are characterised by the use of everyday objects in an atmosphere of middleclass mentality in which recognition plays an important role. In a search for new methods to ‘read the city’, she often creates work using creative game tactics, but these are never permissive. Play is a serious matter: during the game, different rules apply than in everyday life and even everyday objects undergo transubstantiation.
Her works question the conditions of appearance of an image in the context of contemporary visual culture in which images, representations and ideas normally function.
Curtesy of 500 Letters Artist Statement Generator. ;)

(Un)related, here's a big sunny yes to new music! It looks like 2017 is more and more becoming a musical candy store experience for me. Here's a new track (and album in less than two months!) from Arcade Fire. (Ah, how I wish I'd been at Primavera Sound this weekend! Nostalgia, my friend!)

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