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Time Out Sunday / Sideways

Oh see, I did a similar post same time last year (click here). Nothing much has changed (except many things). I mean - I still love Sideways festival. On top of everything (like quadruple cherries on top) one of my favourite bands - The National - was headlining. It was my third time seeing them live and it was ever so wonderful (despite Matt throwing beer and other drinks at the audience - not cool, bro!). The new album sounds SO good live. Not gonna even mention the old favourites ('cos that's a given, right). I just love all those layers of music! Of course there were also a whole lot of other cool cats on and off stage. The highlight being Young Father (you have to see them live - that energy!).

A man, a drink and a seagull (see photo above; Matt Berninger, The National) - the holy trinity of life in Finland. (Deep and meaningful pause.) However, I was thinking earlier this week (right after the festival, all high on music) that back in the day (early 2000s) we used to write these long gig reviews on fan forums, discuss and comment and write even more. But now it just all bubbles inside me and then 'poof!' it's gone and the show called life goes on. I have some sweet nostalgia regarding those online discussions about bands and music (and life, too). Instagram likes don't seem to cut it.

So being all into "good old times" I ended up rekindling my love for radio. Yes, the technology of using radio waves to carry information. (Wikipedia) I dug out the antenna, attached it to the receiver/amp and here I am - listening to all those radio stations. The track that got stuck could very well be the gateway to starting my jazz record collection... :) The weekend is almost over and I as naively as ever hope to share more photos from Sideways (and other places) very soon. Counting on those rainy days to come. 



Street Art Helsinki

There are no coincidences. It's absolutely a non-coincidental life altering event that a graffiti exhibition opened at HAM less than a week before I moved to Helsinki. (Disclaimer: It's a coincidence.) I have a sweet spot (sweeter than sugar!) for urbanscapes and colour. Graffiti is integral to that. Often I might not "get it", but I feel it and that's good enough for me. As they say - feelings are facts. (I am not sure who "they" are, but I have that phrase noted down among hundreds of notes on my phone.)

My beginner's source for graffiti in Helsinki was this article. The two photos above were taken at Baana. And the photos below were taken last weekend in Suvilahti (yes, the very same place  that hosts Flow festival every summer). It smelled of paint and blue skies. It smelled like spring is in town, finally.


Time Out Sunday

Hey-hello, my dear blog! Missed me?! (What do you mean you're just a computer thing and have no feelings...) In any case, I have missed you. I have missed sitting down, editing photos and sharing them. Totally. I intend to do so on a more regular basis now that I have "settled down" again. But no promises, a-okay; after all it's springtime here in the North and one should spend extended hours outdoors. Nevertheless, here's a big fat hug to you, my dear virtual existence!

Manhattan, New York, March 2018
So in a nutshell, here's what has been going on. Most importantly, as hinted in the first photo - I am based in Helsinki, Finland now (and I love-loved that girl's backpack, don't you; made waiting at a traffic light a much more inspiring experience). Gonna embrace the Nordic life for a change (like 80 km change). Do remind me that when winter rolls in again and I sink somewhere in between darkness and sleet. And I got internet access in my apartment yesterday, so yay!

Brooklyn, New York, March 2018
Before taking a ferry across the local "pond" I took the plane across the ocean to visit New York. Work and pleasure. That was best part of March. Among other things I learned that there is no pancake super hero in me. I couldn't finish the cinnamon banana pancakes and there were only three of them. And a ton of butter. Mmmmm... I do wish I had taken the leftovers with me. (Err.) Then there was Tallinn Music Week, packing, friends, moving, endings and new beginnings.

Brooklyn, New York, March 2018
A whole lotta stories to tell, a whole lotta stories already forgotten (yay/nay). Photos and emotions. But before I continue there must be time for some sleep, reading (Sally Mann's "Hold Still"!) and tackling a new work week. Unrelated (yet related to the memories and stories part) here comes a new favourite song of mine.


Time Out Sunday

Whenever I see the sculpture above Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" starts playing in my head in a form of phone ringing (as it used to be my colleague's ring tone - he wasn't neither single nor a lady, so it always brought a smile to my face). Yesterday was the most beautiful winter day one can imagine with snow flakes dancing in the sun. Absolutely perfect to celebrate my homeland's 100th birthday! So the "Single Lady" (most probably not her official name) was wearing a scarf in the colours of Estonian flag.

Girls in national costume skirts in front of café called "Freedom" (24 Feb 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia)
February has been one crazy month - I opened my very first photo exhibition! (gasp!) It is on display until April 30th at the Photography Museum in Tallinn, so go check it out. If you hate photography (and you're on this blog only 'cos you're my personal stalker or have decided to read everything ever published online) then it's absolutely worth it, because of the soundtrack composed by my good friend Marco. :) I plan on sharing a longer story about the exhibition here on my blog soon.

Yours truly at the opening of her exhibition (13 Feb 2018) 
Crazy February with small travels, some life affairs (like planning a move in a not so distant future), concerts, movies, taking photos of a baby (which is not my strong suit, but which I do enjoy) and whatnot is almost over and it seems even crazier that March arrives next week! March that sounds like spring is nearby (and we have -12C and snowfall here, so stories about spring sound mythological). All that rambling sprinkled with this amazing cover by Frank Ocean and hopefully more regular blogging in the future.


Time Out Sunday

Good vibes only! My last post about Italy on Monday caught up with me on Tuesday when I saw "Call Me by Your Name" - the film that has good vibes only and the kind of warm and loving feeling.  And Sufjan's music! My Sufjan Stevens' records totally helped to keep the good vibes for several days after and I intend to declare Sufjan my summer-in-Italy-good-vibes-therapy-artist. It's a big deal. I so hope he wins the Oscar for the music! (Disclaimer: Italy as an abstract feeling, not a specific location.) Yes, you guessed it, it's one of my favourite films now. (Thankfully this list has no limits.)

I have been playing around with different photo editing and just fun apps on my phone. Like A Design Kit (where I got the fun good vibes sticker you see above). Also, I am kinda excited that Discogs app lets you scan barcodes - this means I might actually end up adding all my CDs and vinyls to my collection there. I love the idea of having a good eye-pleasing overview of the music I own. Excel spreadsheet is so dull. (:

Documentary film festival was in town and I saw this film "Romantic Road" and I do love that a person can be a lawyer, a hippie and an adventurer and whatnot all at once.  

Here's a remix of Sufjan's "Fourth of July" that I discovered today. Wonderful!


(S)watch Venice

Some weeks ago I went to see "Don't Look Now" at a cinema and ever since I have felt like re-visiting my photos from a ten hour stop over in Venice, Italy back in summer 2009. As an additional bonus I noticed that the Swatch billboard (that I had included in several photos on purpose 'cos... LOVE Swatch, obviously) looks familiar. But yes, some seven years after my trip to Venice I found myself at a dive bar in New York having drinks next to Billy the Artist. It's his art on the Swatch watches. Because it's such a teeny-tiny world we live in after all. I wonder what other coincidences and potential anecdotes hide in my old travel photos...


Time Out Sunday

What is so exciting that gets me snapping photos inside my own home? Morning sun! Somehow all the light makes one believe that anything's possible. 2018 has rolled in with a bunch of emotions and some planning and some new things and with some changes ahead. You know in addition to those that come anyway. Soon enough I hope to share some of it here, too. But first I have some spray painting to do. ;)

I made this huge cup of hot chocolate that's so chocolate-y that I cannot drink more that a few sips at a time. And I am thinking of all the albums I still have to give a good listen to from 2017. The first one that arrived in its beautiful* physical form is by Vetusta Morla.

Here is one of my favourites from their album "Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar".

* Seriously, it's one of the prettiest things I own and it's signed! (Insert all emotions here.)