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One evening in Chinatown, New York (March 2017). Nothing there is particularly familiar or reminds me of my home. However, some things are so very universal. Seeing a Super Mario themed backpack and a Barbie doll totally made my heart jump with joy. (Not that I was looking for familiar things, but you know how it can be with childhood memoris.) And how omnipresent are Fjallraven Kanken backpacks these days?! Oh and those colourful umbrellas street vendors have... All the same, all the different.


Time Out Sunday

Locked in (Madrid, Spain, February 2017)
What does it take to sign up for Netflix? A cancelled day trip to Helsinki due to illness. So instead of museums, friends and concerts I have proudly watched the first season "Stranger Things", second season of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", some episodes of "Abstract". Plus you know, regular TV. I feel extremely accomplished now. (irony? yes? no? we shall never know...)

Memories of more festive times (New York, USA, March 2017)
I must admit that what kind of baffled me about "Stranger Things" was the fact that the fashion didn't seem very odd. I mean, 2017 is so 1983. (or then it's just me; can't be) Thankfully the wood panelling is gone... But evil forces still lurk around and some people have outdoor swimming pools. Oh, life.

You know 'cos of the pink theme I have going on here + sunset (New York, USA, March 2017)
But of course this song (you get it if you do and won't if you don't):



Reoccurring thought: Blimey, this car is ruining my shot! So I am trying to convince myself that perhaps including cars in shots meaningfully (?!) is the way to go. After all, sooner rather than later cars will look cool and exotic and time specific. They will indicate a sense of time and place, add a vintage touch. I keep on telling myself that... (photos from Altea, Spain, April 2017)


Adventures of Altea

I keep stating at the photo above as I am convinced a story will roll out. A good light hearted adventure. I was there on an imaginary movie set. A movie set called life. Altea is a small seaside town in Spain. It's the cutest (at least when it's off-season and most tourists know better ;)). Whenever I visit small southern towns for a moment or two I feel like I could re-locate there, take life slow and enjoy cold drinks under warm sun.


Time Out Sunday

This week I went to see two inspiring documentaries: "Citizen Jane: Battle for the City" and "Everybody Street". If there's an urbanist in you, then I highly recommend both films. I also placed an order for Jane's book "The Death and Life of Great American Cities". [Not that I am already sinking in the sea of (unread) books. Not at all. Nope. Not me. (looking all innocent)] And googled all about Martha Cooper. This lady kicks some serious ass!

I also made my way to Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. For couple of more weeks one can enjoy Soviet Estonian fashion photography. However, I do wonder how did Boris Mäemets got an Hasselblad in Soviet Estonia. ;P

Those flower photos are from last week's walk in the park with flash. This week has been too filled with meet ups, eat ups (har-har) and other extremely cultured activities. So now it's time for some Sunday night TV and music.


Time Out Sunday

Autumn walk that resulted in black and white photos, because why not. Also, most trees looked kinda... ahem, not impressive. (Sorry, trees!) Either still green or with brown leaves. However, I am totally stoked about playing around with flash (with the help of flash cord similar to this). It is also a good way to confuse innocent bystanders ('what is that flashing thing behind that bush over there?!'). I am your local alien space ship commander, yes. Anyhow, happy International Music Day, go put your favourite record on! Let's dance!


Harlem II

I shared the sunny Harlem with you here. Almost two years later I returned for some hours under different conditions. I also had the time to visit the Studio Museum. It's somehow surprising how tourist-free can a day at a museum in New York be. It's a bit of shame that you can't see every detail of photos here on the blog. Buildings in New York seem to carry signs of different (and sometimes not so different) times. Like the building on the photo below bears letter 'Pythian Hall'. According to interwebs Knights of Pythias is a thing. Secret society! So many stories... to be discovered.