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Little Grand Things

Grand Central Terminal in New York is absolutely fabulous. And while I have been there more than once I do struggle to take any great photos of it. Shabby shacks are so much more "my thing" when it comes to photography. Anyhow, thankfully this is not an update about how great the terminal is, but an update on how I read this article about the dark patch of the ceiling and then tadaa - I did spot it! I stood there smugly thinking to myself: I know something, you don't; I see something, you don't. You know looking down at other tourists. Literally as I was standing up on the stairs.


The Oculus

Today I was thinking that my work flow is: whatever memory hits my mind (metaphorically speaking, not literally, please and thank you) I will go and edit images from that time. Extremely logical and practical. Luckily at this stage it doesn't have to be. It's just me and my mind games. Taking me back to this cold rainy and foggy Saturday afternoon in March. In front of The Oculus in New York. The kind of afternoon where one couldn't really see One World Trade Center.


Time Out Sunday

So, I got this Chromecast thingie. And since I live in Estonia the only service I could buy is Netflix. However, I haven't had much extra time (to put it mildly) the past week and also, am not sure if I wanna pay for half-ass Netflix (ah, the charms of regional differences) I have had concerts and Ted talks on via Youtube. Like, there's no such thing as too much Alain be Botton. I do like this Chromecast thingie.

On other notes. I have decided to challenge myself to more flash photography this season. When others do it looks so cool.

Also, perhaps a little more double exposure fun. (Is it really?)

Between catching up on sleep and fixing some furniture this weekend I have been to the movies to see "The Square". Something hauntingly familiar and hilarious at the same time.



I hope to find whatever I am looking for. Howth, you showed the way. Later it is then. Sunny Ireland in May 2017.


Time Out Sunday

I get genuinely excited when I stumble on a movie shoot or a photo shoot or any other make believe action in the middle of utter daily-ness. Like on this rainy day in Oslo this week. It's been a week of many emotions. My first visit to Oslo (loved it), some cognac and absinth cocktails at an art museum, missing a film screening 'cos the movie machine just broke at the cinema, tackling public transport options 'cos of the marathon in Tallinn (there's a big part of me waiting for this running in the middle of the city craze to be over ;)) and some others.

And and and a new album from The National called "Sleep Well Beast"! It's a major thing. The National is my spirit animal (okay, so yes, I do have more than one spirit animal). Their every album is like a passage to being not happy-go-lucky, but accepting also the "dark" (read: inherently human) side of life. A form of salvation. Melancholy at its best! <3 (Yes, I just used the heart/butt emoticon, so worth it.) And slipping down the very slippery slope of clichés... there cannot be light without darkness. So I am looking forward for this album to reveal all its layers and get comfortably under my skin. (Insert some all hailing expectation filled dance moves here.)

I am really keyboard-hitting here to keep my fingers warm. It's this weird period where weather is getting colder and colder, but the central heating hasn't been switched on. I should probably bake something, so the oven could heat up the place a bit. (Like one needs a reason for a cake.) Now thinking of cake (I really don't have the ingredients at home) and following The National on tour (yeah, the usual...) and how once I touched Matt Berninger (take it as you wish). The autumn is here! 


Time Out Sunday

Sometimes my inner crafty person comes and I take pride in it. Like totally. Also, I do think that the Schultüte tradition Germans have is brilliant - a big cone filled with candy and school supplies for a kid on his or her first day at school. So perfect for my friend who started two schools this fall (and who is slightly obsessed with Germany :)). Somehow taking photos didn't occur to me before I had tucked all the goodies inside. Also, loving the tiny crystals I added (mind you, I was like a mad person with a hot glue gun)! ;) So, yes, she is studying to become a make-up artist. Clearly it's all about glam! And some paper, printed vintage ads, glue, washi tape, Ikea curtain leftovers and ribbon with a pertinent message from Flying Tiger Copenhagen. 

So here's to September that still marks all the new beginnings round here and not just for school kids. And if there's a need for some for peace of mind (yes, please!) then this read from Brain Pickings is a must!

Last, but not least - one of my favourite albums from a few years back made a heavy come back to my playlist this week. Oh, Caribou!


Faded Summer

Summer is like a dream that slips through my fingers. Here's a dreamscape from Rossnowlagh, Ireland.