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Brooklyn Bridge Park

Somehow cold weather follows me. But then it also treats me to (almost) solitude in normally crowded places. Under the Brooklyn Bridge I couldn't quite believe that there was almost no-one else there on a weekend morning. Cold winds and a merry-go-round (I wanna go for a ride there one day!). Me dancing to the songs on my iPod. Same story, different angles. March 2015. New York, New York.


Time Out Sunday

It's Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration weekend. This is something so Estonian. Sort of insane. In a very good way. You should totally click on that link and check it out. Some of my earliest childhood memories include being a spectator at the Song and Dance Celebration. This time around I went to see the dancers and am a distant spectator (read: TV, thank you!) for the song celebration. While listening to some impressive choir singing I threw together (quite literally, might I add) couple of books I have enjoyed this spring season.

  • Art as Therapy. A wonderful book that makes one think, think in a curious beautiful way! You don't have to be an art lover, you just have to be curious about life and tadaa - this book is for you! Ps. Also check out The Architecture of Happiness. Equally amazing.
  • The Lonely City. Sometimes I get an odd feeling I like the title of the book more than the book itself. That is probably totally not true, but feelings are what they are. Here's a lovely overview of the book on Brain Pickings.
  • La furia de las imágenes. The Fury of Images. First "real" book I read in Spanish from cover to cover. I would totally recommend it to anyone swimming in the sea of images and taking interest in photography (not the technical side). Discussions about post-photography. The language of pictures is what we speak. 

Totally unrelated - this article on dresses! Marimekko! So cool. Too cool to be embedded, but click here for some new Arcade Fire.


Greenwich Ghosts

Ghosts from the past are a blast! (Hello, Hallmark, yes I'd love to work you!) Perhaps not all ghosts, but some... like the ones from my first ever visit to Greenwich Village, New York. Rainy November afternoon 2014. One of the reasons I take photos is that I am such a sucker for some time travel and dusting off all kinds of ghosts. The kind that remind me how it felt to see the facade of the building they used on "Friends" (not featured here as a really unimpressive photo on my side). Little jump. Little joy. Little ghost.


Your Smoky China, Just Around the Corner

Just another weekday evening on Manhattan. Or perhaps it wasn't "just another" at all, but what do I know - I was a mere visitor. Anyhow, there I was with my ice-cream cup and camera wandering where all that smoke comes from. Human curiosity at its best or worst. (One would think that a wise person walks away from the smoke.) They were shooting some commercial with a lot of smoke, a dragon and a kissing couple. Some out of towners felt like chatting to me about their favourite tea room in the area. Just another weekday evening on Manhattan. Spring 2017.


Time Out Sunday

Oh, I really should make an update on cool books I've read (not so) recently. But no. Here I am stomping my feet (in a cute time travel fashion, thankfully). Fever rising (literally; hello summer-cold!).

Stomping my feet, because my relationship with Instagram as we know it (so super tight) is over. More than five years. The last drop (after the annoying algorithms that stopped me from seeing new content) was advertising. In June ads reached my feed... and ruined it. My Instagram feed was my visual break from daily chores. Something I enjoyed. I followed accounts for their content. I wasn't looking to do business or become famous. But you know when in between minimalistic landscapes and an occasional latte-gram you get a surprise needle in a lip Botox ad then that's a deal breaker. Beer, fitness, beauty, fitness, misspelled slogans, etc. I don't hate ads as such. I do buy a Vogue now and then 'cos I adore the beauty of the high end ads printed there. And I do understand that that's how business rolls. But I don't have to roll with it. (I sort of do if I don't wanna pull the plug completely.) So I will cut my down Instagram time. (I already went a week without it.) Mainly 'cos I don't want someone's misspelled needle in my lip if I can help it.

Yes, emotional much. On a (not so) side note. I am trying out VSCO social network (find me here) and rekindling my relationship with Twitter (I seem to do so in every six months or so). Because despite all I do love those modern times that include social media.

So let's end on an upbeat note.


Time Out Sunday / Sideways

Whoosh! Mixed weather summer like substance is just whooooshing by. It is hard to believe that a week has passed since Sidways festival in Helsinki took place and at the same time it seems like light years away.

It was my first time there and dare I say I am hooked - the perfect size city music festival. The kind with clean bathrooms, free water and no camera bans (yay!). Isn't it odd how next to music all those other details play a role in a good festival experience. Not to mention cool merchandise at reasonable price (hey-hello, new pillow!).

For those of you who have been to Dia de la Musica in Madrid - this is the closest thing to that (what it used to be in 2012 and 2013). That's a crazy ass compliment on my behalf.

Summer, music, friends and white nights. Sometimes Nordic life is pretty sweet.