South Bronx


One of the greatest things about Manhattan is leaving Manhattan. Don't get me wrong - I do love Manhattan a lot; but it feels like a treat to take a walk down less crowded streets. So when visiting New York I do try to fit in visiting places a bit off the radar of your average tourist.

I read somewhere that South Bronx is up and coming. Later on I was told it's perhaps not the nicest/safest of neighbourhoods. The weather was ghastly. Some of it reminded me so much of the oh so very familiar Eastern European suburbs. And then there were some pompous buildings.

I saw some great modern art being the almost only visitor. Clearly The Bronx Museum of the Arts is a hidden gem. And it's free!

I rummaged through a flea market. I had a late lunch at a diner-like cafe being the only customer. I walked. In rain and sleet. Then I took the subway downtown. A football match had just ended at the Yankee Stadium, so it was like taking a ride in a hot gym locker.

Ps. Whenever I see Babe Ruth anywhere I automatically think of Samuel T. Herring from Future Islands. Can't help it. Therefore I am always more than happy to spot another Babe Ruth "thing" in the city.

Ps. Ps. I took my first stroll around some blocks in Bronx near the Botanical Gardens back in 2015.

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