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I kinda like it when life looks like a disco. Guinness Storehouse in Dublin sure did. May 2016. With a "complimentary" drink.


Wheels Of Marrakech

Last week I returned to my photos of Marrakech, Morocco. Captured in September 2013, post-processed in April 2017. Worlds apart. Here's a selection of my favourite traffic moments. Most of the time I felt like being on a movie set, I am sure it showed.

Unrelated to traffic jams I re-edited some of the photos I had edited back in 2013 and it felt so good. Only to make me wonder if I would have a completely different approach in 2021. Photos changing the way my memories do when time passes. Then again it is also a way to re-live past experiences, traveling in time and space. (Did I just invent time travel?! I did, didn't I!)


Time Out Sunday

So, today I got home and took a bunch of random photos of myself wearing a Goorin Bros. hat I got last autumn in Cambridge, MA (on sale!). Just because it's always either too cold or too windy to wear it outside. In addition to having hard time remembering what month or date it is I am also clueless what season it is... seasons used to change, I think. Perhaps we need new ways to measure the passing of time. More woollen beanies? Different colour for each month? Week? Hour? Anyhow, while I wasn't plotting a beanie revolution in this eternal winter I cleaned some old records and organised a pile of books and watched "Girls".

Who remembers this song?


Time Out Sunday

Hey-hello and a ton of sunny-funny wishes from me and my Easter crew! In our sunny disposition we choose to ignore that parts of Estonia are covered in thick snow and winds bring winter vibes. Happy Easter!

Today I wanna share some love for Instagram. I still remember how excited I was to get my first iPhone and start using the app (yes, back in early 2012 when it was still iOS only). Filters were all the rage back then (seems like lightyears ago; I think we have reached this point in humanity when we can easily start counting time in lightyears). While I still love following inspiring individuals sharing their photos (and also occasional latte-grams) then these days I am also more and more enjoying following different museums on Instagram. It has become fun and easy (and I don't want my Instagram feed dreary and heavy) way to learn more about art and history or find out what's happening at your local museum, but you know - in inspiring bite-size kind of way. Here are some of my favourites.

Song for the Sunday? A nostalgia filled track about cutting seaweed. 


Time Out Sunday

I took some time out at Tallinn Zoo. Baby polar bear! Baby polar bear! B... (you get the idea)!

Ps. More from Tallinn Zoo here and here.

South Bronx

One of the greatest things about Manhattan is leaving Manhattan. Don't get me wrong - I do love Manhattan a lot; but it feels like a treat to take a walk down less crowded streets. So when visiting New York I do try to fit in visiting places a bit off the radar of your average tourist.

I read somewhere that South Bronx is up and coming. Later on I was told it's perhaps not the nicest/safest of neighbourhoods. The weather was ghastly. Some of it reminded me so much of the oh so very familiar Eastern European suburbs. And then there were some pompous buildings.

I saw some great modern art being the almost only visitor. Clearly The Bronx Museum of the Arts is a hidden gem. And it's free!

I rummaged through a flea market. I had a late lunch at a diner-like cafe being the only customer. I walked. In rain and sleet. Then I took the subway downtown. A football match had just ended at the Yankee Stadium, so it was like taking a ride in a hot gym locker.

Ps. Whenever I see Babe Ruth anywhere I automatically think of Samuel T. Herring from Future Islands. Can't help it. Therefore I am always more than happy to spot another Babe Ruth "thing" in the city.

Ps. Ps. I took my first stroll around some blocks in Bronx near the Botanical Gardens back in 2015.