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Time Out Sunday

Okay, Jens, let's do it!

A week ago I was shaking hands with Jens after his amazing concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York. SO many groovy positive vibes! I think that's what the world needs most - positive vibes and this feeling of togetherness, border-crossing kindness. As hippie as it sounds, but so it is.

New York always has some surprises up its sleeve. Like the snow storm (that round here would be just another gloomy slushy day in human existence ;)) that shut down most of the city (I didn't use think that's even possible). Or the fact that everything is connected and have a story worth telling (if not to anyone else, than at least to yourself). For example on one day (yay, day off thanks to snow!) I was enjoying Francis Picabia's art (I never knew he was so versatile; the exhibition at MoMA was a gem) and the next night I was at a concert (Devendra Banhart! <3) at Webster Hall. A place also known as a hang out for none other than Mr. Picabia back in the day. Or how to get a private tour at Whitney Biennial? Just be the only one to show up for the Spanish tour.

Here's to collecting memories, small moments and snow days! May it be here or there. I am back and ever so jet lagged (that I tried to avoid, but my body tricked me and slept some 15 hours). Here's also to also Sundays doing nothing!

And remembering the snow, here's one of my old favourites by Jens:


Porto III

And from Vila Nova de Gaia back to Porto. Splish-splash. 


Vila Nova De Gaia

When you walk across a bridge and are suddenly in a new town. From Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia. 

Porto II

Devil is in the details. Porto, Portugal, February 2014. 


Welcome to the ultimate shabby chic town with sunshine and rain! And good coffee! While I spent only couple of days there and I remember making full use of my rainproof gear then still... sunny memories only! (Yes, I am just shouting sentences here. Good thing I am not an aspiring writer.)


Time Out Sunday

Do I really, like really-really have to leave the house?! I'd rather spend time with my photo catalogue and edit old travel photos. Yes, that's my idea of good time, totally. On occasion I have this feeling that photos are like good wine - they get better with time. Though more often they're rotten potatoes or something. Or something-something.

Anyhow, this weekend I got round to editing my photos from Porto, Portugal (taken three years ago). Now I am convinced that I need to return there, the sooner the better. Shabby chic at its best. However, I did not find a single photo with me and Porto. Except those two. Was I too in love with Porto to take a decent selfie (you know peace sign and jumping up and down and all that, I am fairly good at this)?! Time will show; meanwhile I will roll out my moments with Porto on this blog over the upcoming week or two.

However, it is Sunday and I have two music treats up my sleeve (what a lie; I am wearing a sleeveless shirt). First of all - Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol has recorded and uploaded a bunch of cover songs! I feel like a kid at a sweet shoppe! Just click here and join me in my mental candy store. (I have a feeling this sentence can easily give a wrong impression tho.)

Oh and as much I do not like the act of running I love the song "Ran" by Future Islands (hello there spirit-animals!). And while I can't embed the official video of the song I share this great live performance. However, do see how running should be done here.



I felt like splurging - throwing in 20 photos of Harlem. One sunny weekend in autumn 2015. Partially 'cos photos are so much easier to pull off than put words on paper, at least today. So let's take a moment to sit quietly, no words... and no awkward silence. Awkward.

Ps. Did you notice the soul saving station? x