Time Out Sunday


Do I really, like really-really have to leave the house?! I'd rather spend time with my photo catalogue and edit old travel photos. Yes, that's my idea of good time, totally. On occasion I have this feeling that photos are like good wine - they get better with time. Though more often they're rotten potatoes or something. Or something-something.

Anyhow, this weekend I got round to editing my photos from Porto, Portugal (taken three years ago). Now I am convinced that I need to return there, the sooner the better. Shabby chic at its best. However, I did not find a single photo with me and Porto. Except those two. Was I too in love with Porto to take a decent selfie (you know peace sign and jumping up and down and all that, I am fairly good at this)?! Time will show; meanwhile I will roll out my moments with Porto on this blog over the upcoming week or two.

However, it is Sunday and I have two music treats up my sleeve (what a lie; I am wearing a sleeveless shirt). First of all - Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol has recorded and uploaded a bunch of cover songs! I feel like a kid at a sweet shoppe! Just click here and join me in my mental candy store. (I have a feeling this sentence can easily give a wrong impression tho.)

Oh and as much I do not like the act of running I love the song "Ran" by Future Islands (hello there spirit-animals!). And while I can't embed the official video of the song I share this great live performance. However, do see how running should be done here.

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