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With Gilmore Girls comeback it's only appropriate to share some impressions from the school Rory was originally supposed attend - Harvard. I must say I developed a crush on Harvard Book Store (that I have no "real" photos of - perhaps I'm not into sharing after all?!) - their used books section is love!  

PS. Last fall I visited Yale campus. Perhaps hanging around fairy tale like campuses is my new thing now, can't say I mind. :) 

This Is (Not) Roadside America

So here I am eating a Pop-Tart* and singing along to Hozier (perfectly normal after watching a documentary on Frank Zappa... imagine seeing him live!). So, wrapped up in all that subjective normalness (high on artificial flavouring and whatnot - watermelon Pop-Tart, what a leftover to take to Europe with oneself) I am thrilled to share some rather grim and lousy photographs with you.

The kind one takes on a four and half hour bus ride from Manhattan to Cambridge, MA. In pouring rain. On a highway. Going way too fast (or maybe there are no speed limits in the promised land). I was aiming for New England autumn foliage. It was there, on the other side of the road. So, I was left with rain and puzzles like - Romantic Depot?! (trying to configure my knowledge of Home Depot and romance into one...) All those (abandoned?) 70's buildings in the bush. People in the cars (for miles only elderly people or for miles only people in their 30s  etc). Rain. New York - Connecticut - Massachusetts.

 * Gilmore Girls diet. Not recommended. OMG, new episode out next week!


Time Out Sunday

PsychoBarn by Cornelia Parker (Met Museum, New York, USA, October 2016)
Well hello there The Escapist Season! Because what else would you call this cold dark thing?! A bit over a week ago I landed from sunny +22C New York into freezing snow covered Tallinn. While this happens every year (snow round here, not me in NYC) then getting snow that sticks around for weeks this early is not that common. And as you might have noticed... I do have issues with weather... (or maybe I am just not that good at talking about astrophysics and other highly fabulously sounding stuff)

The authentic sofa not curated for a photo shoot
So - what's a girl to do? (ah, yes, see the music video at the bottom) Build the escapist reality! (say what) First, I started with my living room wall. Need.more.stuff.on.the.wall. Sparkly, colorful, inspiring - anything goes. It's a good thing that washi tape is in fashion. Though I must sheepishly admit that the one I used has peeled off by now and I need to reconsider my options.

Posters, prints, postcards, magazine pages, photos, sparkly things... work in progress
Secondly, it's time for Black Nights Film Festival! One of my favourite things in Tallinn, a good reason to hide in the dark and minimise socialising (apart from being like: oh, I am so busy, I am at the festival). Oh and Taika Waititi is back with 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' - much needed dose of awesomeness tucked into last week that... (what a week!)

Everything will be OK!
So, what's a girl to do, but one (dark) day at a time. One dark night a time. Wrapped in glitter, cinema vibes and rebellious thoughts. And a cup of coffee (make it two).


The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

To pick up where Halloween left off - a little bit of magic in darkness. Photos of the Magic Fountain (Barcelona, Spain, May 2009). I was really psyched to see the fountain and took a pile of photos on my cheap DSLR. Post-processed in 2016. I'd say let's light up the darkness! Here's to November!