This Is (Not) Roadside America


So here I am eating a Pop-Tart* and singing along to Hozier (perfectly normal after watching a documentary on Frank Zappa... imagine seeing him live!). So, wrapped up in all that subjective normalness (high on artificial flavouring and whatnot - watermelon Pop-Tart, what a leftover to take to Europe with oneself) I am thrilled to share some rather grim and lousy photographs with you.

The kind one takes on a four and half hour bus ride from Manhattan to Cambridge, MA. In pouring rain. On a highway. Going way too fast (or maybe there are no speed limits in the promised land). I was aiming for New England autumn foliage. It was there, on the other side of the road. So, I was left with rain and puzzles like - Romantic Depot?! (trying to configure my knowledge of Home Depot and romance into one...) All those (abandoned?) 70's buildings in the bush. People in the cars (for miles only elderly people or for miles only people in their 30s  etc). Rain. New York - Connecticut - Massachusetts.

 * Gilmore Girls diet. Not recommended. OMG, new episode out next week!

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