Time Out Sunday


Well hello there blog-o-sphere! Missed me? Never mind, in any case I've missed you! Now that summer is over* I am ready to dive in head first into blogging again. Since I have been away from home quite a bit lately then I thought it's about time to put into practice the age-old photography advice: you don't need to travel to exotic places, shoot what's at hand. So, more photos from my home; and those little mundane moments that will look like stardust and art once "recorded on film". (Now trying to imagine glamorous dust bunnies while sipping strawberry morning tea...)

Welcome to mi casa! Here's me showing off being this awesome DIY gal who custom altered a drift store find (read: got off my lazy ass and made a skirt shorter, finally).

Ps. This track goes so well with rainy (almost autumn) Sunday vibe:

* Temperature dropped under +10C this week! I mean even for Nordic summer - shouldn't we have like let's say +15C outside?! And maybe, just maybe some sunshine. Just sayin' (with no intention to start a weather debate).
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