Concert: Coldplay


For the life of me I can't believe that THIS is on YouTube. Someone's recording from Coldplay's gig at Marlay Park in Dublin on 22 June 2005. Singing along to this recording makes feel quite good about my vocal skills. (bc I am not drunk on Monday evening, maybe?! lol) 

And since I am here trying to reorganise my whole photo library setup, because my iMac feels like retiring I found these amazing photos. Taken on a reasonably decent Nokia flip phone in 2005. (and edited in LR today) I think they match the recording quality so well.

But c'mon, you can totally tell it's Coldplay. (and if you can't then what kind of a fan are you, really?!) Front row photos, mind you! Back then when Coldplay wore black and had no fancy lights and confetti and whatnot. 

I'm the granny (respect the elderly!) who gets all warm and fuzzy when hearing this song. Maybe I live to fully embrace nostalgia. I am terribly good at it. 

Note to self: You don't need a better camera, you just need to look with your heart! ;'D And all joking aside, this photo does make my heart skip a beat, still. 

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