The Summer of Art


You know, I read this book ("The Rabbit Factor" by Antti Tuomainen) that starred an insurance mathematician. I'm nothing like that. I am all that. So here are the (rough) numbers. Summer 2022. Venice, Italy. 6 days. Biennale Arte. Main exhibition (at Arsenale & Giardini). 60 national participants. 12 collateral events. Handful (or two) of other events and museums in town. Unlimited amount of sweat. The Summer of Art. 

Central Pavilion

Central Pavilion

A lot of guilt over the greed. To see it all. Didn't see it all. 



Great Britain


Venice Pavilion

Central Pavilion, Alexandra Pirici, Louise Lawler

A lot of appreciation to having been there and seen some of it. 

Central Pavilion, Miriam Cahn

Will do it again. And again. 

Facade of Hungarian Pavilion (constructed in 1909)

Venice <3 


Central Pavilion, Paula Rego




Stirling Pavilion - Book Pavilion


Central Pavilion, Cecilia Vicuña

Side note on the photos: I didn't take that many. And not photos of all the works I adored. But some, to add to the memory. I have been here. And there. All photos in this post are from Giardini della Biennale - where a weird time warp (those pavilions!) meets contemporary art. All that with less crowds and more air than Arsenale (no time warp, all cool).    

At the Venice Pavilion

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