Hello, I Love You


How to disappear completely?! Crawl back to your public blog and rest assured you can be all by yourself. With your memories (who’s that cool cat who has made all those updates over the year?! oh yes, me-me-me) throwing around new deep and meaningful thoughts… to be read by yourself in the future. The perfect romance (how I hate that word). 

So here I am listening to this. Maybe singing along. A bit. You know. Just so the neighbours would move out and I could extend my apartment. (ho-ho-ho) I was talking to someone today about continental climate and it made me miss winters in Madrid. A city where I also sang along to the aforementioned songs. 

So which photos should I share in this post? See, it all started with words, not with images. Side note: I seem to have a bad batch of files in only one of my photo folders and it contains photos from one of my favourite places - Hietaniemi Cemetery in Helsinki. Just sayin’. 

I miss the discomfort of freedom. (to be continued) Oh btw, rest assured Netflix will have tons of extra awesome stuff soon, because I just canceled my membership. Apparently I haven’t had any particular wish to watch anything there for months… like I am content with random sitcom reruns on “normal television”. Consuming media like comfort food. You can keep your fancy exotic stuff. 

So here they are, a handful of photos from my last spring-summer in Helsinki. Shot on some expired film I found in the fridge (it’s like you know, trying to empty out the fridge before leaving). Faded days - how terribly accurate, how terribly quaint. 

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