Fully (...) aware that it's April, but I feel kinda sad that March didn't made it to the blog in 2021. So now it's here - in the title. Fancy much. 

I'm running out of words before I've even started. I think the funniest (not the haha kind) is how much I think about making an update vs how much time I have vs how many updates really make it. It can be concluded with absolute subjective certainty - less time, more updates.   

However, what always pushes me off the edge (in the splendid fabulous way) is a visit to a zoo. I always feel like I HAVE TO SHARE (even the crummiest pics 'cos like animals are so awesome). This time with love from Korkeasaari.

Hadn't realised before that apes and monkeys and the lot have fingerprints. Like you could issue biometric passports to them! Totally mind-blown. 

Speaking of crummy pics (in all honesty, this does no justice whatsoever to my new favourite piggie) here's white-lipped peccary! The coolest kid on the bloc!

Blue skies and all wildlife (inside and outside zoo) are most everything these days. 

Compared to 2019 I am an avid bird spotter in 2021. Haha.

Let's take a moment to appreciate Spring time! (Quickly, before it starts snowing again... yikes.)

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