Coyote Story


No, there are no photos of coyotes in this post. Yes, that is unfortunate. Misleading clickbait headline for sure. (Bwahahahaaa.) But there are photos from Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, half of them from the Japanese Tea Garden. I had bigger plans, but I was sidetracked... by a this-must-be-some-weird-dog.

So, there I was, in the middle of the city in Golden Gate Park. Thinking of taking the smaller pathway in the hopes for some cool photos of trees and such. But then I saw a dog on the pathway and I was like yeah that's one weird dog. It's a fox! It's a wolf! What does one do when one sees a wolf? (blank) Where is the dog's owner?! I'm such a chicken. I am. So I took the bigger road leading away from the "dog" staring me. (I was bitten by a small dog as a kid. I take no risks... Don't you just love it when you can blame it on some abstract fragment from one's childhood?!)

Some days later I saw a similar "dog" as taxidermy at Oakland Museum of California (like one of the coolest museums ever, btw!) and learned that I had had a small staring contest with a coyote. Googled some and learned that's a thing. Coyotes hang around the city. Thankfully they don't eat human chickens. I find all that very exciting. I must have seen a coyote at some zoo in the past, maybe. And then of course there's the movie 'Coyote Ugly'. (?!?! Why?) That's about it.

So, how I really tell this story is that I had this instinct that warned me not to approach a wild animal, not that I am a chicken. And I learned that I don't take photos of strange dogs that I think will eat me. That's unfortunate.

Ps. Next time I wanna visit de Young museum for sure.

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