The Visitor


This is a review. A review in pictures. In pictures that are not from the exhibition. This is me subconsciously looking for the house. The sounds. The emotions. This is the party in my head. So, please, if you see only one exhibition this fall/winter in Helsinki, make it Ragnar Kjartansson's "The Visitors" at Kiasma. Take your time, take your 64 minutes (or a bit more if you feel like you need to see/hear your favourite spot again... it can happen). I took those photos (among many others) a few days after seeing (read: experiencing) the exhibition around Töölönlahti and Vallila. Autumn foliage is the best. As are old villas. And on the pic above you can also get a tiny glimpse of Ragnar's exhibition (read: Kiasma).

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