Hello, autumn! Absolutely, undoubtedly when autumn begins one must travel back in time. To summer 2017 when I spent a mini-holiday in Vilnius, Lithuania. The main event was to see Foals play live . Which was awesome, but also - I am unintentional mosh-pit meets mystical manpower dances survivor. That was one insane audience. Mildly put. But you cannot see this here on this blog. You can see all the calm serene moments I had.

Clearly I have trouble choosing just a few favourite images. Especially as there was also all this street art. 

Sunset did its work - it filled the streets with its magic touch like there's no tomorrow.

Ah, even rain made the town look cool. 

Memories (as distorted as they are) can be the cosiest thing, especially when one's mouth is filled with peach flavoured condensed milk (yes, eating with a spoon straight from jar!). It's a delight brought by friend from her world travels. So on sugar high (which allegedly is a myth) I share a few more photos, so you would absolutely and completely convinced that Vilnius will also be your next summer holiday destination!

(Frank Zappa, yes Sir.)
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