Dinosaurs Moment


Ever so often you really don't know what's been missing in your life until... until you meet them. Hello, dinosaurs, welcome to my life! On a recent road trip in Spain (from Madrid to the North) we passed through the Ichnite Route in Soria (Castilla y León). Real living (ahem, dead) proof that dinosaurs roamed the area way back, like waaaaaay back in the day. 

I dunno the reason, but the area was quite empty, small towns had their window blinds down and doors closed, not many people were to be seen. It was dry and sunny. It felt like some kind of parallel reality. Because I can't see a reason why a tourist wouldn't go gaga over it (possibly 'cos it was not yet the season or perhaps the world is swamped in traces left by dinosaurs). 

So very fabulous, I can't recommend highly enough! (: 

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