Things I don't particularly enjoy include seeing 1067903 travel photos at a time of the same place. Or face. Or anything for that matter. Things that prove to be a true struggle include choosing what to share and how to share. Struggle is the new black. The old black. Ehm. It's a thing, mkay. Call me a snowflake, but remember - winter is real, mind-blowingly so. (That's a really sloppy GOT reference here in case you were wondering. And, I dare you to call me a snowflake...)

So, some struggles and whatnots later I am ready to share mere 32 photos of Krakow, Poland that I visited in March. Yes, it's a totally appropriate use of 'mere'. (: 

Friends (<3), dragons, pigeons, cats, ermines, history, art, food and drinks. For example I have had chocolate-banana pirogi and mango milkshake double IPA. Be jealous now. Socks! I have socks with pooping pigeons on it. Yes, I have my priorities right. Ice-cream and some blue skies. 

 Kings, gods, saints and sinners. Trams and architecture. 

The photo below - if you don't think it's so 'Stranger Things' then... you totally should watch 'Stranger Things'. (Alternate career in copywriting?! ... or not.)

That's it, folks. Koniec.

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