All New, Same Old


Here's to 2019! (Blimey, got it right the first time, no accidental 2018 was typed. Proud moment.) After my last update an old friend reached out and I can't help, but think that there are some of us out there who are like the Bletchley girls (with reference to the UK mystery drama). So here's my resolution for the year - to keep that very fact in mind. (Here's braking the first new year's resolution - no resolutions.)

I find these photos from Linnanmäki (an amusement park in Helsinki, Finland) so appropriate for a new year's first post. Everyone excitedly rushing into something new. Yet to be stuck in the same pattern that eventually makes them dizzy. (That's the deep and meaningful thought for the year.)

So in 2019 I am returning to an old love - weekly photo challenge. I did one in 2013 (feels like yesterday, totally) and I enjoyed it a lot (or so my mind keeps telling me). I feel like it is time to have another go. I wrote down 52 spontaneous words and tucked them away in a metal box (so yes, I also really wanted to make us of my Belgian cookie tin with nuns on it). You can see the 52 weeks from six years ago on my old blog here.

Just taking a quick glimpse back on 2018 I would also like to share two on my favourite Finnish Instagram accounts for how life is. Sisko Savonlahti - she's exactly like me and nothing like me, but wait... if I had a dog and could find memes as poignant I would have exactly the same social media presence (...). Kasper Strömman - somehow I get PAW Patrol now, epic.

One more time, here's to 2019! May it be scrumptious!

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