Time Out Sunday


Hello-goodbye, hello-goodbye, flu! Not severe, yet still annoying flu. It's November. The month of death, literally. But as the saying goes - more darkness means more glitter! (No-one says that.)

If you are reading this and you're in Helsinki I would recommend checking out the SNAP festival - works by kids and youth are out there in public space. Ok, so the festival ends today, but I would hope they won't take the works down so soon. I was quite smitten by the large scale prints (on some sort of fabric) and the winter sun casting orange-yellow light. (Shared it on my Instagram account.)

If you have flu and you wanna just endlessly scroll through someone's social media feed then Lukasz Wierzbowski is your man. I have been addicted to his work for a while now.

One of my first big city crushes - RIGA (2007)
Last, but not least, no-no! A very fabulous happy 100th birthday, Latvia! We have all come a long way, but my personal history would have been rather different without Brainstorm/Prata Vetra and all that. Those who know, know. And the others. Well, we might discuss it over a hot beverage. Or then I'll write a memoir. Just parents, so you know, it probably makes a world's difference what your kid gets into when she's 16. ;) Yes, I could write a semi-romantic poem in Latvian. And no, I don't speak Latvian. That said I am now gonna have another cup of tea and a celebratory cookie. Hip-hip hooray!

Brainstorm in Riga. Front row. (2005)
So while I dig out my old Brainstorm records (nostalgia, aaahhh, you beast!) I leave you with something completely different. I will definitely wanna find out more about her music.

Rosalía - Malamente.

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