Time Out Sunday


Tsundoku. Sums up parts of my life so well. I had it all under control until I stumbled upon a stand that had old books in Spanish for 2€. I am somewhat doubtful I'll read them all, but I just love them. Also, when the salesperson noticed me with all the books, he came to me, gave me a bag and told to take my time. So I also chose some books in English and French (pretentious much). That's book fairs for me, folks. A trap. Not only that, I also love magazines. The copy of Vogue from Italy is my current favourite photo book. I just love love going through magazine stands at airports. But really, my future guests will have endure me showing them some of my favourite things in Vogue Italia no. 817. Also, the H&M dress I bought is in it. I feel very en vogue (har har).

Blue skies have returned (yay!), but they have brought along some serious winter vibes (nay!). So wintery that wearing what I deem a winter coat was not an overkill. (It is extremely unclear when I can wear my autumn clothes, because now we have leaped from warm spring weather into... winter!)

I had taken notes of what I wanna blog about, but then I realised it's winter time and for my body it's like midnight already, so I just do this mobile shots and random ramble update - to have a reason to share Jakko Eino Kalev'is "This World". His record release gig was love. And I am having some home made chocolate chip & oatmeal cookies.

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