Time Out Sunday


Good vibes only! My last post about Italy on Monday caught up with me on Tuesday when I saw "Call Me by Your Name" - the film that has good vibes only and the kind of warm and loving feeling.  And Sufjan's music! My Sufjan Stevens' records totally helped to keep the good vibes for several days after and I intend to declare Sufjan my summer-in-Italy-good-vibes-therapy-artist. It's a big deal. I so hope he wins the Oscar for the music! (Disclaimer: Italy as an abstract feeling, not a specific location.) Yes, you guessed it, it's one of my favourite films now. (Thankfully this list has no limits.)

I have been playing around with different photo editing and just fun apps on my phone. Like A Design Kit (where I got the fun good vibes sticker you see above). Also, I am kinda excited that Discogs app lets you scan barcodes - this means I might actually end up adding all my CDs and vinyls to my collection there. I love the idea of having a good eye-pleasing overview of the music I own. Excel spreadsheet is so dull. (:

Documentary film festival was in town and I saw this film "Romantic Road" and I do love that a person can be a lawyer, a hippie and an adventurer and whatnot all at once.  

Here's a remix of Sufjan's "Fourth of July" that I discovered today. Wonderful!

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