Time Out Sunday


How come the past is so attractive. You know, not a specific event that took place in one's life many moons ago, but an overall notion of past as such. I started watching "Mindhunter" this weekend and I just adore the pure 1970s vibe there (mind you, I have no real life experience of the 1970s, so my feelings are based on fiction to begin with). I love that there are some real paper Xmas cards on my windowsill and that there are some of us out there keeping the snail mail and paper industry afloat. And I just ordered a pile of books that I won't receive before next year (gasp!). I could have downloaded them instantly. I own a Kindle and all. I am somehow convinced that dark winters add the the love of nostalgia, times gone by and whatnot.

So instead of taking new photos I have been fiddling with files from summer 2007. Night time in Moscow, Russia. Up there are the Patriarch Ponds. Rest assured we also met Behemoth some days earlier in the neighbourhood when shopping for lemonade and honey cake. Creating our own nostalgia filled memories that quietly merge with fiction.

You know what - year 2007 was in a different decade! Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future.

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