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Before Sunset

Those last minutes spent waiting for a train at the railway station in Cuenca, Spain (June 2014). So which are better - beginnings or endings? 


Time Out Sunday

Three things.

Robert Doisneau exhibition at Musee d'Ixelles in Brussels is extremely awesome! People who created this exhibition have earned some serious brownie points from me. So, if you're in town and have an hour to spare it's well worth it. Even the exhibition catalogue is a treat at a reasonable price. I sure am glad it's my birthday month and I can "justify" purchases like that. (:

It's Black Nights Film Festival time in Tallinn and the first five films I've seen have been all okay or more than okay. It's always such a gamble choosing between hundreds of films.

I have learned about a new custom in town. I hardly ever happen to be at the mainstream cinema during weekend (nights). However, this weekend I have spend many hours there and learned that nowadays men take their shoes off at a cinema. Two men, different screenings and one of them announced to his date that he always takes shoes off at the cinema. And then he flaunted his socks proudly. I'm still rather baffled. And I mean - these were not even Happy Socks!

And to end with a song that got stuck in my head this week.


Time Out Sunday

Winter is coming.


I'm clinging to memories of colourful autumn. This was also the first time I went to see a Frida Kahlo exhibition and bought tacos from a food truck. All that in New York in November 2015. The Botanical Garden is such a neat getaway. (I just used the word 'neat'. Neat.)


Time Out Sunday

The month of souls is here. Time for more fairy lights, cosy corners for reading books and watching Netflix. Some gloomy, yet cool walks in the park... and sharing some Día de Muertos moments from autumn 2015 in New York Botnical Garden. Taking time out. Totally.