Time Out Sunday


Locked in (Madrid, Spain, February 2017)
What does it take to sign up for Netflix? A cancelled day trip to Helsinki due to illness. So instead of museums, friends and concerts I have proudly watched the first season "Stranger Things", second season of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", some episodes of "Abstract". Plus you know, regular TV. I feel extremely accomplished now. (irony? yes? no? we shall never know...)

Memories of more festive times (New York, USA, March 2017)
I must admit that what kind of baffled me about "Stranger Things" was the fact that the fashion didn't seem very odd. I mean, 2017 is so 1983. (or then it's just me; can't be) Thankfully the wood panelling is gone... But evil forces still lurk around and some people have outdoor swimming pools. Oh, life.

You know 'cos of the pink theme I have going on here + sunset (New York, USA, March 2017)
But of course this song (you get it if you do and won't if you don't):

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