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Time Out Sunday

Number One Fan!* I am! Literally. I was the number one person in line for Future Islands gig on Friday 27th in Tallinn. Thankfully my friends were second and third. For a better half of my life I have been a fan girl. You know, the kind of person who travels overseas to see her favourite bands to play, meets up with other similar creatures she has befriended online (hello forums and dial-up! #soyear2000), spends hours in lines to be in front row and has some signed records and maybe a handful a photos with her favourite artists (but just a small handful, because asking strangers for photos is awkward). And you know it's just like that. Experiencing music in real life performed by real people (and machines, too, sometimes) becomes addictive. I used to have short phase where I almost believed that I am too old for this (gasp!). Bygones.

So one of my favourite bands came to my town (that's rare) and I didn't have to travel anywhere. But there were others around me who had traveled to Tallinn for  the gig and it cheered me up to see the future generations of music lovers crossing the borders and the love of music uniting us all (ah yes, I totally meant to sound corny here).  

That's me this Sunday showing off my Future Islands sweatshirt (and having a signed setlist and a guitar pick on my bookshelf). From the front row with love. Number One Fan.**

* Yes, this is a reference to this timeless hit by Dima Bilan. ;D
** I don't really believe there are number one fans or number ten thousand fans or whatnot. It's just that Dima Bilan song. If you've heard it once... then.

Disney Sand Magic

Last July I saw the most impressive sand sculptures of my life in Oostende, Belgium. Sand and sea - the best! 


Roadside Belgium

I have a thing for taking photos on the go (somehow not planning and not being precise; it gives the sense of freedom) weather it's breathtaking landscapes (Switzerland) or other stuff (USA). There's a coast tram in Belgium that runs from French border to Dutch border. We took a ride half way - from Oostende to Knokke Heist. Warm, but cloudy day by the sea (which you cannot see). I can't help but notice the irony (not unique to Belgium) - we destroy our own coastal areas and then travel to less traveled lands for "authentic" experience. Or perhaps it's just my dislike for massive hotels often built in the 1970s or later.


Time Out Sunday


Borderline Brussels

Not gonna try to hide my excitement here - taking a walk to Mima Museum was a treat. Alongside a canal that separates Molenbeek from "the rest of the world". I do recommend the street art and the museum! (Brussels, Belgium, July 2017)