Time Out Sunday


So, I got this Chromecast thingie. And since I live in Estonia the only service I could buy is Netflix. However, I haven't had much extra time (to put it mildly) the past week and also, am not sure if I wanna pay for half-ass Netflix (ah, the charms of regional differences) I have had concerts and Ted talks on via Youtube. Like, there's no such thing as too much Alain be Botton. I do like this Chromecast thingie.

On other notes. I have decided to challenge myself to more flash photography this season. When others do it looks so cool.

Also, perhaps a little more double exposure fun. (Is it really?)

Between catching up on sleep and fixing some furniture this weekend I have been to the movies to see "The Square". Something hauntingly familiar and hilarious at the same time.

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