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Harlem II

I shared the sunny Harlem with you here. Almost two years later I returned for some hours under different conditions. I also had the time to visit the Studio Museum. It's somehow surprising how tourist-free can a day at a museum in New York be. It's a bit of shame that you can't see every detail of photos here on the blog. Buildings in New York seem to carry signs of different (and sometimes not so different) times. Like the building on the photo below bears letter 'Pythian Hall'. According to interwebs Knights of Pythias is a thing. Secret society! So many stories... to be discovered.


Places of Worship - Harlem

I was going through my photos from a walk around Harlem last March. What really caught my attention was that I have more photos of churches than grocery stores. Food for soul. All shapes and sizes. Are there prayers that go unanswered?


Time Out Sunday

Indian Summer. Day at the Zoo. The Polaroid went all artistic on me. However, I did see the baby rhino! So all is well in the world.

I also got this great shot of an elephant. (har-har)

I am quite thrilled and slightly (positively) overwhelmed that all my favourite boys and girls are releasing new albums this year. Let's hear it for Vetusta Morla!


Little Grand Things

Grand Central Terminal in New York is absolutely fabulous. And while I have been there more than once I do struggle to take any great photos of it. Shabby shacks are so much more "my thing" when it comes to photography. Anyhow, thankfully this is not an update about how great the terminal is, but an update on how I read this article about the dark patch of the ceiling and then tadaa - I did spot it! I stood there smugly thinking to myself: I know something, you don't; I see something, you don't. You know looking down at other tourists. Literally as I was standing up on the stairs.


The Oculus

Today I was thinking that my work flow is: whatever memory hits my mind (metaphorically speaking, not literally, please and thank you) I will go and edit images from that time. Extremely logical and practical. Luckily at this stage it doesn't have to be. It's just me and my mind games. Taking me back to this cold rainy and foggy Saturday afternoon in March. In front of The Oculus in New York. The kind of afternoon where one couldn't really see One World Trade Center.