Time Out Sunday


Oh, I really should make an update on cool books I've read (not so) recently. But no. Here I am stomping my feet (in a cute time travel fashion, thankfully). Fever rising (literally; hello summer-cold!).

Stomping my feet, because my relationship with Instagram as we know it (so super tight) is over. More than five years. The last drop (after the annoying algorithms that stopped me from seeing new content) was advertising. In June ads reached my feed... and ruined it. My Instagram feed was my visual break from daily chores. Something I enjoyed. I followed accounts for their content. I wasn't looking to do business or become famous. But you know when in between minimalistic landscapes and an occasional latte-gram you get a surprise needle in a lip Botox ad then that's a deal breaker. Beer, fitness, beauty, fitness, misspelled slogans, etc. I don't hate ads as such. I do buy a Vogue now and then 'cos I adore the beauty of the high end ads printed there. And I do understand that that's how business rolls. But I don't have to roll with it. (I sort of do if I don't wanna pull the plug completely.) So I will cut my down Instagram time. (I already went a week without it.) Mainly 'cos I don't want someone's misspelled needle in my lip if I can help it.

Yes, emotional much. On a (not so) side note. I am trying out VSCO social network (find me here) and rekindling my relationship with Twitter (I seem to do so in every six months or so). Because despite all I do love those modern times that include social media.

So let's end on an upbeat note.

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