Don't Look Back in Anger


These New Puritans, Madrid 2013
A friend of mine once made a comment that Kaisa you are a street photographer and a mutual friend of ours is a concert photographer. It's been haunting me, because I have thousands of concert photos on my hard drive. It's something I love to do and in a way have been doing for many years. Extremely poorly in the past and extremely rarely these days. Foremost 'cos I don't end up going to concerts (on my own) that often and somehow taking photos is a solitary thing in so many (good) ways. So here I am looking back and my worst and best and mediocre. But always with a feeling. I might not often recognise songs and artists (looking apologetically at my weekly music quiz teammates), but you know... music is life!

Way back when digital camera was a pipe dream for me. In all honesty, shooting concert photos on colour film was a nightmare and I would assume it still would be except I would have some experience to make adjustments on a go.

The Crash, Helsinki 2004
Poorly. With a flash. First digital years. I have forgotten that guy's name. He was a fun singer-songwriter from Australia. I remember seeing him earlier also in my university town. I had perm(!). I danced.

A Guy From Australia, Tallinn 2006
The band that changed everything (?!) when I was 16 (another lifetime). Nostalgia factor sells well.

Brainstorm, Helsinki 2010
Any camera works (including a smartphone). Some work better. But at that time micro four thirds Olympus was all I had.

Breton, Madrid 2012
Dia de la Musica was one of my favourite festivals.

Darkstar, Madrid 2013
Waxahatchee, Madrid 2013
La Riviera was one of my least favourite venues in Madrid.

Beach House, Madrid 2013
From the back row.

Catpeople, Madrid 2013
All the feels.

Ben Howard, Madrid 2013
Back when Nick Murphy was Chet Faker and had less than 20 000 Facebook likes. Close to a million now.

Chet Faker, Madrid 2013
All the cool kids were there.

Tame Impala, Madrid 2013
I am hooked. I will be back with more concert photos! I am sinking in sound.

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