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Last week my friends visited Alhambra and seeing their update of Facebook (hey-hello digital era and social media influences) made me go like SO PRETTY and oh I wanna travel, too (never enough?!). A moment later I realised that I celebrated my birthday weekend in Granada, Spain visiting Alhambra in 2012 and so here I am with my photos, because you know... SO PRETTY! (I have this feeling that I shouldn't have bothered with words for this update; all those caps lock exclamations, sigh.)


Time Out Sunday

Home is where your illusions live
So here I am with my fingers type-typing away. It was a close call I'd say (who else would say it on my blog tho) as I was very close to slipping through the rabbit hole into the land of memories. Not that my memory is so exceptional, but I have all those photos. Some. Many. A ton. Two tons. 

On a side note: VH-1's top love song is Bon Jovi's "Always". I have been catching snippets of the top 50 for several times, but always missing the number one song; it's extremely vintage to watch TV these days, you know.

Anyhow, back to the rabbit hole. Rabbit hole opened up, because I was looking for some old jumping photos. Why one might wonder (as one should; question everything). Because couple of weeks ago I visited Philippe Halsman's exhibition in Madrid (if you're in town, go see it!) and learned that my friends and me had been great "jumpology" fans for years without knowing it ourselves. Perhaps not as graceful as some of the more famous people captured by Mr. Halsman, but equally filled with joy. Me earning some brownie points for not being ashamed of my past (Crocs are shoes, too!).

Like an eagle! (Füssen, Germany, August 2008)
We had no idea there had been some famous Philippe with his famous photos and little did we care. Now I have a poster on my wall with those famous jumps. However, I think the best part is the fun of it. And those mid-jump shots.

So very graceful, right. (Madrid, Spain, October 2011)
While in the recent years taking jumping photos has felt a bit been there done that kinda thing then now I feel like it's time to return to jump-jump-jumping! Perhaps this time 'cos I have this (not so) secret creative crush on Mr. Halsman and the spirit his work has. I have found yet another spiritanimal. It's a bit of a miracle what one good exhibition can do, the one that gives you a little more than "just the pretty pictures".

Camouflage. (Madrid, Spain, March 2014)
With jumping and sunshine on my mind I have had an equally good vibes filled soundtrack for the weekend - She & Him "Classics" (oh, Zooey!):


Back Alley Unicorn

My inner unicorn is always drawn to the streets not mentioned in the travel guide (or perhaps I have the wrong travel guides). My inner unicorn almost always wins and I love those random detours. It's not that my inner unicorn really has to put up a fight 'cos who wouldn't love some street art now and then or peeking into local neighbourhoods. This time straight from Dublin, Ireland. Somewhere* in Dublin. Between meals and being a tourist. May 2016.

* Liberty Lane.

Vinegar Hill

So, friends (you know who you are) - I have found the place for you in New York! ;)

Vinegar Hill took me by surprise - quiet empty cobble stone streets and couple of local artists having a good Sunday afternoon. Not to mention the views over Manhattan. Albeit a bit alternative. Thanks to Wikipedia (hashtag bless!) I also learned that there's no cobble stone paving, but Belgian block a.k.a. sett paving. Apparently there's an apparent difference. I will look at old historic streets in a totally new and improved way from now on.  


Concert: Evripidis And His Tragedies

Tonight exactly two weeks ago I landed in Madrid. My spiritanimalcity. Yes, it's a crowded place there (inside me) - a myriad of spirit animals and whatnots having a go for it. So, back to February 4th, 2017. I landed in Madrid and to my delight I could get right back on track with my life there as I remembered it, including going to concerts.

Nine Stories
Son Estrella Galicia used to be one of my favourite concert series bringing interesting (and often unknown to me) artist to town and Teatro del Arte one of my favourite tiny cosy venues. Sitting down is such a treat and a total necessity now and then. Luck had it that Evripidis and His Tragedies and Nine Stories played there that night. 

Sometimes time travel is possible and I am a happier human being for it.


Andén 0

I have been time traveling! Literally! (hm) Platform 0 - Chamberí Station takes you back to the early days of Madrid metro with original tiles and all. Straight into 1919. An awesome small quirky gem hidden in Madrid and it doesn't cost you a dime to visit. Perhaps you're not into old tiles and ads and lights and tunnels (how's that even possible?!), but to add to the time travel - the new metro rides straight through the station and because of the see through wall you can stand really (I mean really!) close to the rails. In between time and space. Whoosh. Have I ever mentioned that I am a big fan of metro? 

Ps. And was I glad or what that I could have the platform all to myself before this massive group of Spanish seniors entered.