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Happy Halloween

Manhattan, New York, USA, Halloween 2014


When Old Meets New

Somehow many of my photos from Zaragoza (Spain, July 2014) depict the meeting of different eras. This got me thinking that there is something very honest about it. Very few places represent 100% one era and if they do then often enough they're covering up a thing or two. Towns are like people - made of their present, past and future. So perhaps architecture can make time travel a reality. In any case the show must go on!



Palanga, Lithuania, July 2016. It was too windy for a swim. The illusion of summer 4ever and ever...


One of my favourite streets out there. Kastanienallee, Berlin, Germany.


Time Out Sunday

Dark and stormy. Makes being wrapped up in blankets and doing cozy home-bound things seemingly the only option. So I try to cheat my way out of it...

Anyhow, I have a documentary recommendation in store for you. On Friday I finally saw (on a big cinema screen) "Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures" and it was everything I had hoped for and more!  So yes I do love his photography, but leaving that aside it was also a very well made documentary - a little bit of everything in it and variety of angles.

And a song for autumn eves:



Nature is about to slip into hibernation mode, autumn storms are getting the best (and worst) of us. So it's time for some spring green (from Kyoto, Japan). Happy Friday!


Time Out Sunday

Make-believe relationships are the best!* For starters, you don't really have to leave the comfort of your own home to live them. Part of my family totally resides in Stars Hollow. (Even went to Yale 'cos you know... Rory's school!) Parasocial relationships (read more here) totally have their time and place. We've all had some (be honest now).

However, I do wonder is the same dynamics works with geographical locations. Am I having a parasocial relationship with the U.S.? Or is it the result of all the Hollywood films and inspiring photographers? And all the dead American writers? Not to mention the musicians.

Have I fallen a victim of clever immaculately plotted brainwash and world domination plan? ...

So be it.

Have been surfing on that American wavelength the past week as stumbled upon three great photo books at great price (Roadside America, New Deal Photography, Edward Weston). I just really hope that books on paper will stand the test of time, because time with a "real" book (words, pictures, dust bunnies, dead moths, funny smells, ...) is so cosy and totally helps creating those parasocial relationships (har-har).

For the love of paper I have also joined a photo club - to develop my own negatives, make my own photos. All real and tangible. (Shhh, don't let my digital camera hear this. He's still my "main man".)

Anyhow, back to those dead American writers... and music:

* Errr... riight?!