The day I learned that buses leave Tallinn! Har-har. I really needed to kick off with this totally random joke (unless you're from Estonia, because then you might get it alright).

Anyhow, couple of days before Christmas (I did my Christmas shopping in November, so like über-relaxed!) we decided with a friend to have our small holiday coffee&cake moment an hour and half away from Tallinn - in a small town called Rakvere. I really insisted 'cos I wanted to see the famous Christmas tree in person. Totally worth it!

I had only ever been to Rakvere once and seen the famous castle, so it was a good chance to wander around a bit more. We were super lucky with the weather - it was sunny! Must say that dry cold sunny weather is the best for some random touristing around 'cos it usually means there are no other people to distract you, because no-one in their right mind travels in winter to places with potentially ghastly weather and Estonia is for sure one of those places.

I fully intend to use more of the opportunity of buses leaving Tallinn and (re)discover my homeland. Dare I say challenge accepted! ;)

P.S. You can find more photos on Flickr - just click here.

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