#1 Decade

I thought that Spotify was celebrating its 10th birthday when it fed me with all those best of and whatnot lists. I was somehow blind to the fact that I was slowly sinking into the sea of decade wrap ups. While slightly confused it didn’t really bother me. Who doesn’t love a good list? It could be done in any given moment. E.g. my favourite dust bunnies on January 6th, 2020. One really doesn’t need a time-ly reason. After all, getting too focused on time is like fiddling with a Pandora’s box.

By the time I realised that a decade is coming to an end it was way too late. Too late to think of an appropriate fancy way to celebrate, too late to fill my blog and social media with lists, wrap ups and inspiring stories. Good riddance. I mean, we are already days into a new decade. 

Firstly, I am not really prone to fancy celebrating. It always looks more fun in the movies. Less loud and more glamorous. Secondly, what if the Georgian calendar loses its prominent standing and the whole system gets thrown out of the window?! Thirdly, what if my decade doesn’t look much compared to Spotify’s decade? Less loud, less labeled and without all the cute graphs. Foremost so ‘cos I have not been collecting my life experience data in a systematic way. 

Moreover, I believe that small uncountable details really build up the vibe of a time. May it be a day or a week, a month or a decade based on a Georgian calendar. Some of those I have collected in my Instagram account (since 2012, so almost a decade!), others are piled up in the notes on my phone. Like the crash hot collection of potential band/secret cult names. Large chunk of those moments cannot be pinned down or named, but they have made me into the person I am today. Like today will add to the self I am tomorrow. Okay, that sounds too... I better get off that bandwagon, before it's too late. But you get the gist. If I could have any one thing to describe my decade it would be a chronological visual list of all the artwork I have seen. Or then all the songs I have heard. Preferably both. I could make stunning visuals and graphs and celebrate like it’s 1999. I made a cake in 1999. It was a good celebration.

Perhaps more interesting are the overarching interests and values that run like a red thread from one decade to another taking different shapes while keeping their essence. For example I have loved music as long as I can remember, but my favourite artists have changed more often than those celebrated Georgian calendar decades. I have always felt strongly about justice and equal treatment, but not always have I given it much attention or felt like I need to speak up. But, the times they are a-changin'. (Oh, that bandwagon again!)  


To conclude, noticing how time passes by isn’t relevant at all. Unless you’re in a business of making cool graphs or in deep need for self-reflection. Let’s bet I’ll be as surprised in 2029 as I was in 2019. End of a decade. 


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